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Timothy (Tod) Owen Desmond teaches philosophy, religion, and ethics as an Adjunct Professor at The College of Southern Maryland. He earned a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from Boston College; a Master of Liberal Studies degree from Georgetown University; an MA in Political Science from the University of Hawai’i in Manoa, with a concentration in Alternative Futures Studies; and a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies, with a specialization in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness.

He is the author of Psyche and Singularity:

Jungian Psychology and Holographic String Theory.

What will you learn in this class?

In Immortality and the Unreality of Death:

A Hero’s Journey through Philosophy, Psychology, and Physics, you will learn how to overcome the fear of death, and embrace the ultimate human drive for immortal glory in the eyes of an eternal God. More specifically, you will learn how a synthesis of Carl Jung’s theory of the archetypes of the collective unconscious, culminating in the God archetype, or Self, and Leonard Susskind’s holographic string theory brings us full circle back to Plato’s philosophy in the West, and the Krishna-worshipping, Vedanta philosophy in the East. This synthesis of the apparently opposing principles of mind and matter, as described by psychology and physics, is distilled in the Psyche = Singularity equation, which is my translation of Jung’s equation of psychic energy and mass: “Psyche=highest intensity in the smallest space.” In this class, you will learn how the Psyche = Singularity equation provides a convincing explanation for near-death experiences of eternal life at the cosmic horizon, including Jung’s own account.

On the world-historical scale, by studying my brief summaries of the histories of physics and philosophy, you will understand why it is reasonable to believe that the Psyche = Singularity equation has emerged from the collective unconscious God archetype like a North Star to guide our 21st-century civilization through the dark forest of fearful skepticism, toward an empowering realization of our eternal oneness with the omnicentric, gravitational singularity, which is equivalent to Jung’s God archetype, and Plato’s ultimate idea of the Good: the infinitely powerful source of light in the visible world, and of truth and consciousness in the spiritual world.

Why did I make this class?

I made this class to provide a practical application of the theories I present in my book Psyche and Singularity: Jungian Psychology and Holographic String Theory. Teaching this class is my way of striving for immortal glory in the eyes of God, and my fellow human beings. In other words, my hero’s journey is to equip you with the intellectual tools you need to envision and follow your own heroic adventure of service to the universal God, in whom and with whom we are all eternally one.


From Plato to Joseph Campbell, much ink has been spilt about the Hero’s Journey. Mythological narratives from across the globe retell a similar story of the Hero’s adventure of self-discovery, which includes a harrowing encounter with death, and a return to the land of the living with the power to bestow boons.

In this class Prof. Desmond clearly explains the overwhelming evidence that demonstrates that you are an eternal soul springing from a universal Soul, to love and serve whom is the ultimate purpose of life. A careful study of this class will give you the confidence to embark on the Hero’s Journey. Indeed, this class is itself a hero’s journey, perfectly tailored for our 21st-century situation.


The most original and important contribution to the integration of Jungian psychology and physics since the original collaboration between Jung and Pauli.

Sean Kelly

Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Timothy Desmond’s theory that the psyche is a gravitational singularity would drive both Isaac Newton and Sigmund Freud crazy. But any theory that doesn't is a waste of time. Desmond articulates a vision that just might be wild enough to take us home.

Brian Thomas Swimme

Author of Journey of the Universe.

The discussion may sound like insane science fiction, but Desmond offers a refreshingly accurate picture, a synthesis of psyche and quantum physics that becomes the key to unlock a map of consciousness and synchronicity backed by the central ideas of Pauli, Susskind, and Jung.

Shelli Joye

Author of Tuning the Mind: Holonomic Brain Theory and the Implicate Order.

This Incredible course has it's roots in the original work by Timothy Desmond Ph.D. His books are available on Amazon!


In 1944 the psychiatrist and pioneer of transpersonal psychology Carl G. Jung had a heart attack, which lead to an exceptionally vivid near-death experience, recalling which he said: “It seemed to me as if behind the horizon of the cosmos a three dimensional world had been artificially built up, in which each person sat by himself in a little box… I had been so glad to shed it all, and now it had come about that I - along with everyone else - would again be hung up in a box by a thread.”

Eight years later, in a letter dated February 29, 1952, Jung speculated about how to describe psychic energy in the context of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. He concluded the letter with the following equation: “Psyche=highest intensity in the smallest space,” which can be translated as Psyche = Singularity (a point of infinite density).

In the spirit of Jung's twenty-five-year partnership with Wolfgang Pauli, a co-founder of quantum mechanics, to seek parallels between psychology and physics, Timothy Desmond will explain how closely Jung’s psychology aligns, ironically, with the atheistic, materialist physicist Leonard Susskind’s holographic string theory of information conservation at the event horizons of black holes and the cosmic horizon of our inside-out black hole universe.

Psyche and Singularity is one of the most profoundly significant books I’ve had the pleasure to read. Tracing striking parallels between string theory and Jungian thought, Desmond provides the most compelling explanation for how synchronicities work that I’ve encountered.

Grant Maxwell

Author of The Dynamics of Transformation: Tracing an Emerging World View.


Brian Greene, Hawking, Smolin, Hofstadter, Feynman, Capra - along with the I Ching, Bhagavad Gita, and numerous other spiritual writings (and mystical lineage too!!) - all pulled together with amazing SCOPE and BREADTH and DIRECTION. I look at this book like the new "Tao of Physics". What Fritjof did with his tome in ToP, is now "next levelled" with the introduction of string theory and more updated science acumen in this most excellent read. Love it. But know your physics, mathematicians, theories, and concepts - and a good solid dollop of philosophy and existentialism will help indeed. Amazing book.